• Remodeled dining room features floor-length windows

Our Chapter House has always been one of the most beautiful on campus from the exterior. We now have an interior to match it. The objectives of the renovation were to give the Chapter House a new life that would last for at least another 30 years, and to make it even more durable and safe. We are now more competitive with any facility on campus. All of this was done without altering the classic beauty of the original architecture. For more renovation photos, please visit our photo gallery.

Completed House Renovations

  • Handsome conference room where Pit rooms use to be
  • Casual room where the old-wing furnace sat
  • Remodeled bathrooms
  • Wood-grained hallways with sconce lighting and brick accents
  • Tiled sleeping rooms with natural wood windows
  • Brick patio with new furniture
  • Open dining room with recessed ceilings
  • First floor of the old wing recreated in masculine natural wood tones and accented with the lines of classic, durable furniture
  • White Cross inlaid in wood at the foot of the new front stairwell

Recent Donors

Brenna Dunlap Ildza
Robert Erwin ’53
Larry L. McMullen ’53
George L. Satterlee ’53
Duncan L. Matteson ’56
Gerald A. Saracini ’58
John E. Walker ’60
Mark E. Horstman ’87
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