Changing the Goals and Structure of Recruitment

Changing the Goals and Structure of Recruitment

When the Chapter returned to the campus some years back and rebuilt its composition from scratch, recruitment, of course, was handled completely by alumni. The scrutiny used at that time resulted in an initial group of men who were scholastically strong, showed great respect for the fraternity and the house, paid their bills on time, and laid plans for the future management of the Chapter. In short, with no continuity of experience they got their act together immediately. The quality of their actions reflected the stringent grading process used by the alumni in terms of character recognition.

It is only natural that men of college age will assess qualities of recruits and sell the advantages of Sigma Chi from a different perspective than alumni would. What we are doing with our new approach to recruitment is to attempt to meld the best of judgments of actives and alumni in the process of approving young men for recruitment.

We will continue to attempt to have the rough composition of our pledge class representing 1/3 from St. Louis, 1/3 from Kansas City, and 1/3 from out of state. We will give prime consideration to young men who are legacies, but they will be judged by the same criteria applied to all who apply for rush. Our goal is a class in the area of 35 men.

What is changing is the level of alumni involvement in grading a candidate’s worth to the Chapter and his attraction to our goal of being the preeminent leadership organization on campus.

As you may know, Xi Xi alumni support the largest scholarship endowment in the Greek world, awarding some $30,000 in scholarships annually to members with a 3.3 or above GPA. Academic performance in high school and service involvement become the basis for our consideration of those we will rush. It is proven time and time again that men who succeed at high levels in high school, particularly in grades, will approach college with more maturity. Having men of maturity in the Chapter House is a prime reason why we house freshmen in dorms, giving them a bit more breathing room in their adjustment to college.

The Chapter has been the recipient of the Chancellor’s Banner for Academic Excellence on a consistent basis but has not qualified for the past couple of years due to being pulled down each year by one or two men who simply gave up on their studies. With more alumni management of academics generally, this can be avoided.

Following our new process, all potential rushees fill out an application reflecting their accomplishments and their thoughts on what they can bring to Sigma Chi. This data is then forwarded to Jay Shields who, with other alumni, evaluates the individual and has conversation with the rush chairmen involved on whether the young man being considered will be of proper value to the Chapter. If approval is given, the individual will be rushed. If it is decided to give him a bid, he will be interviewed by the rush chair before the bid is extended.

At the end of the recruitment period we will evaluate our process and make alterations if required. Our effort will initiate a written program which will continue to be followed on and improved in the future.

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