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To begin the rush process, download the Fraternity Application above. It is a Word file that has tables so you can fill it out and return it.  Email the completed application to Harrison Fain, Head Rush Chairman at

We at the Sigma Chi Chapter at the University of Missouri presume you have come to this link since you are interested in introducing yourself as a person interested in meeting us through our rush program.

A little about us. Our Chapter was formed here more than 100 years ago and is part of an international fraternity which is one of the largest and strongest existing today. Our goal is to be the preeminent leadership organization on our campus, thus arming our members with lifetime extending lessons in that regard.

We are unique on the Missouri campus in that we are the one major fraternity which has its freshmen live in university housing. We receive the total support of Greek Life here as our housing profile is one it would like to be universal among all chapters. We also find that parents appreciate our living arrangement as it gives you a chance to acclimate to college life more on your own terms. All pledges are heavily involved with the fraternity but enjoy more of a personal life with our other pledges.

You will note, as you fill out the attached application for rush consideration, that we put a premium of grade performance in high school. We have found that young men who have learned to apply themselves scholastically before reaching college will prove to be the better achievers and contributors to our organization. This is why our alumni will review your high school performance also with special interest in your involvement in your school and your community.

The alumni of our Chapter support the largest scholarship program in the Greek world, rewarding our members who achieve a 3.3 or better GPA with participating in $30,000 in scholarship support.

Sigma Chi asks a good bit of its members in terms of contributing to the good of the Chapter, the university and the community. If you are a young man who wants to broaden his perspectives and mature through his college experience, we would certainly like to hear from you. Our mission is to prepare you for the world beyond the next four years. Should you become a member of our organization, you will find you will have around 100 brothers who will support you in your success, both socially and academically.

If you are out of state, the rush chairmen will accommodate you.


Recent Donors

Brenna Dunlap Ildza
Robert Erwin ’53
Larry L. McMullen ’53
George L. Satterlee ’53
Duncan L. Matteson ’56
Gerald A. Saracini ’58
John E. Walker ’60
Mark E. Horstman ’87
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